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Blissful Kirtan Class – Full Moon Wish

Sunday, May 19th



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Make a full moon wish to create a more fulfilled and abundant life!

Join me for a delicious all level class where we move the body and sing from our hearts. The bliss filled music will energize our bodies, mind, and souls. The energy will be beautifully high while we are easefully guided through rhythmic kundalini yoga exercises.

Yoga of Sound - I invite you to sing or chant. Kirtan is an ancient practice of repeating sounds of high vibration. It is simple and powerful!

Some of the benefits of Kirtan Singing:

You will feel more alive, fresh, peaceful and happy.

Chanting nourishes our souls, heart and spirit.

It deepens our yoga practice, while empowers our mental and spiritual development.

It takes us into the deepest state of Yoga and it connects us to our inner selves.

#1 reason - This form of practice is one of the easiest ways to release day to day stress!!!

Yoga Nidra - We will complete the class in a short guided yoga nidra, a deep nurturing awake state of sleep. You will be completely supported and relaxed on the mat. An opportunity to write down and affirm your full moon wish, sankulpa, will be offered.

No experience needed.