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Meditation, Pranayama, & Yoga Nidra

Practices for Todays Monkey Minds 

Sunday, November 4th @ 1pm-2:30pm

$20 per student

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Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques) go hand in hand. They are tools for conscious existence. What does this mean?

You are awake to feeling where and how you are, AND you have the right knowledge to expand into where you want to go.

Imagine seeing through clear lenses.

Mindful living! It truly is a thing. It is also a practice. Mediation and pranayama are two of the most profound pathways towards beginning to participate in life with purpose, compassion, and kindness in yourself and others.

Let me explain - we will not be seated in silence as this workshop is for the active mind and body. We will use our voices, eyes, and bodies. There will even be the option to sit on a chair versus the floor too!  

During class we will break down the What, Why, and How come I should start meditation today. There is such a buzz in the world that mediation is the avenue to create inner peace in body, mind and spirit. And this is SO true!

Breath is Life! Prana means life force. Pranayama translates to directing or controlling breath. My teacher Gloria Latham says “The deeper the breath the deeper your life.” Breath expands life offering energy, vitality, radiance, sense of calm, relaxation, and more.

Biggest benefit when practicing meditation and breathing exercise -

Stress reduction.

The first 60 minutes will be spent learning, observing, and doing practical mediation and pranayama techniques for today’s monkey minds. Worksheets will be given to take home for future reference, as well as to take notes.

Wish into the Fall Season with…

Yoga Nidra – the last 30 minutes will be spent in Yoga Sleep. Imagine that. This is an experience of deep rest and nourishment through Yoga Nidra meditation. I will invite you to set an intention, a sankulpa, or wish for yourself. You will be verbally guided in a place between the waking and sleeping states. Within this space you can let go of tension on the physical, emotional and mental levels, and emerge feeling deeply rejuvenated.  

Your wish - Summer is a time of sharing, giving and opening ourselves to the light of life. Autumn (or fall) is a dynamic time of transition, change, and mystery. What do you wish to let go or move into this season?

Prior yoga and/or meditation practice is not required.

Register as soon as possible as space is limited to 24 students.