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Balancing Yang to the Yin

Cleansing Whole Mind & Body with Dawn DiVita

CANCELLED at this time - rescheduled for 2019!

It is the time of complexity and sensitivity. I see and respect you all.

Repair & Rebuild the body and mind during this amazing 75 minute class. It is open to ALL levels. We will cleanse the kidneys, adrenal glands, liver, and digestive system. We will physically move to get warm practicing Kundalini Yoga and use our voices to release any tension or negativity. The last half of class will be to rest and restore in our deeply supported and meditative Yin Yoga. My two favorite practices combined to allow you to detoxify the physical, mental, and energetic bodies.

Why this weekend?

This is a time where we begin to feel and see the transition of moving from fall to winter. Take a look outside to see, hear, and feel nature. Trees and animals begin to move into a season of dormancy. Metabolically life slows down to conserve energy during this time. We are not so different from our surrounding environment. Our bodies and minds crave less, so let’s clear the chaos to simply slow down.

How come this practice?

This is my favorite time of year. The season is simply a breath of fresh air, and let’s not forget the back to back holiday celebrations. We are showered with good times mixed with a few chaotic moments. Let’s face it we eat and drink unusually, jam pack our calendars with festivities, and spend crazy hours surrounded by not always are favorite people.

Our bodies and minds become confused. Our digestive and endocrine system become either sluggish or on high speed. Our nervous system is working overtime to manage the stress. When overtaxed our immune system is compromised.

This is not everyone’s favorite time of year either. It takes on a whole different meaning for many; grief, financial strain, loss, or struggle to name a few.

What will you leave with?

Knowledge. As you move physically through the kundalini yoga practice you will feel the detoxification process. Yawning, sighing, or shaking are some of the body’s responses. All of this is very normal and safe. It will prepare you for Yin Yoga. As we get steady and still in our poses, we allow observation from a compassionate space.

You will feel more connected, balanced, and rejuvenated.

Maximum space for 24 students.