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Wild Power

An immersion for women with Jessica Durivage in collaboration with Yoga Divita.

Re-Feminization, Reclamation and Empowerment of women’s yoga practice through exploration, welcoming, open sharing, honoring and reconnection.

Wild Power is an immersion for women who wish to receive a powerful invitation from their consciousness to re-feminize their spirituality (and their yoga practice). We will do this by working with fierce and powerful Goddesses, The Mahavidyas. Each month we will invoke one of these great guardians of women’s wisdom and explore how to frame our yoga practice in the context of the cycles of our lives as women. From menarche to post-natal to peri-menopause and beyond—we will journey together, spiral together, and witness our own  power in a new and transformative way. These goddesses act as protectors of our spritual endeavor and will guardians on our journey to bring back home parts of us that may have been lost or forgotten. Through sharing and thanksgiving we will celebrate the full spectrum of a woman’s life. Through deep rest we will offer our bodies nourishment and homecoming. Welcome home. Welcome home. Welcome home.

Each workshop will include:


All workshops are on Saturdays from 4pm - 7pm

Each workshop fee: $30

*Binders: one time fee of $10

Pre-registering is necessary and closes the day before the event. A minumum of 6 students with no maximum is needed to hold the event. 

May TBA -

Goddess Focus: Tara

She protects and guides us through troubles and guards the cycle of menstruation.


June 16th -

Goddess Focus: Sodasi

She is associated with innocence and unknown power. She guards the initiation of menarche.


July 28th -

Goddess Focus: Kamalatmika

Associated with abundance, delight and feminine sexuality.


August 25th -

Goddess Focus: Matangi

The outcaste, she guards creative expression.


September 29th -

Goddess Focus: Bhuvanesvari

Queen of the Universe, she guards the initiation of pregnancy, birth and pregnancy loss.


October 27th -

Goddess Focus: Chinnamasta

She helps us see “beyond the mind” and is the protector of post-natal recovery, thanksgiving, grieving and healing.


November 24th -

Goddess Focus: Bagalamukhi & Bhairavi

Bagalamukhi  assists us in “stepping into the unknown,” and guards peri-menopause. Bhairavi is the fierce one, helps us to embrace our power and is the initiator of menopause.


December 15th -

Closing Ceremony

Goddess Focus: Dhumavati

The Grandmother Spirit, she represents the crowning of a woman’s life and post-menopause.