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Chakra Retreat

November 6th – 8th

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Register is Open - Email Dawn

Energy! Everything is made up of this amazing power. Some of us humans run energetically fast, some slow, and some move in both directions within one day or even one hour. Do you understand yours? What if you became the master of creating an energetic home that is balanced? Imagine living a life full of strength and vitality not only required for sustained physical or mental activity, but to thrive within it!

This retreat moves us deep within the chakra system. The chakras are concentrated centers of spinning wheels of energy and light. This system has the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. Our well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally is totally and beautifully intertwined with our energetic body.

Each session will include:

Learn and practice the meditations, pranayamas(breathing practices), and yoga asana techniqus to help balance the chakras.

Develop awareness around food to nourish and support ourselves anatomically and energetically. A wonderful vegan/vegetarian meal will be provided.

Enriching lectures to explore what and how our chakra system works within the physical, psychological, and emotional functions of each major one. Navigate whether or not your lifestyle is supporting an energetic life filled with strength, abundance, and connection OR instability, lack, and disconnect.

Session Times & Focus:

Friday 4pm-8pm ~ Strength to Love

Focusing on our foundation as a stable and supported space to begin to move in compassion and kindness.

Saturday 8am-12pm ~ Feel to See

Allowing ourselves to connect with our emotions to move with clarity.

Saturday 4pm-8pm ~ Will to Trust

Developing the courage and will to share our truth through creative expression.

Sunday 8am-12pm ~ I Am What I am

Recognizing the alignment of the physical, mental, and energetic bodies to connect with the whole.  


The spectacular Abercrombie and Fish Beach House is located across the street from the ocean in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Our sessions will take place in various places: on the breath taking beach, rooftop over-looking the ocean and marsh, and within the beautiful beach house. Our practices could feel like a meditative walk, yoga nidra under the sun, moving to cleanse and clear stagnant energy, or quietly seated surrounded by stillness and tranquility.

View Beach House Here

Is there time for exploration and relaxation?

On Saturday from 12pm-4pm you are able to enjoy the spa, pool, multiple porches at the house, go to the beach, or adventure out in town. On Friday and Saturday evening we ask to observe silence at 10pm.  

What you will receive?

You will leave the retreat with tools to feed your whole self physically, mentally, and energetically. Imagine knowing where you are and having the equipment to get to where you want to go. Give yourself permission to drop into what and how can I empower myself to move me towards a life filled with love, prosperity, and good health. This is going to be fabulous weekend to learn and grow!

Who and how can I attend?

Whether you want to join us for some or all of sessions, the retreat is open for ALL levels of students to participate. Yoga Teachers will be eligible to receive 4-16 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

The only requirement is you must be able to go up a flight of stairs. Chairs are available for those who cannot get to the floor. 

*Program Rate – 

            $75 per session

            $225 for all 4 sessions

To Reserve:

Please email or call Dawn with any questions or to reserve your sessions and/or accommodations. 843.283.2827

Want to stay at the beach house?

Accommodations & Rates –

The accommodations are amazing! Each room has one rate with a per person maximum. To achieve the best bang for your buck, share a room with your friends or family. Room reservations are on a first come first serve basis and can be reserved via credit card or check. View Beach House Here

Ocean View with balcony, king bed, and private bath 2-person maximum (2 available) - $250

Marsh View with balcony, 2 queen beds, and private bath 4-person maximum (2 available) - $225

King Bed with private bath 2-person maximum (1 available) - $200

2 queen beds with private bath 4-person maximum (2 available) - $175

Check-in is for a Friday 2pm arrival and Sunday 1pm departure.

I look forward to a magical weekend filled with good eats, company, and growing! 

*Cancellation Policy: Two weeks or more prior to the Workshop or Training, a full refund will be issued. Please note that a $25 processing fee is charged for all refunds. Two weeks or less prior to Workshop or Training, a 50% credit towards future workshops will be issued ONLY if we can find a replacement. If you cancel 24 hours or less before a Workshop or Training, sorry, but no refund is given.       

**All individuals who are staying at the retreat location are required to pay the Program Rate of $225.