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Yoga Nidra ~ Chakra Visualization

Sunday, April 28th


$15 per student


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Yoga Nidra is Yoga Sleep. Imagine it.  

It is an experience of deep rest and nourishment. Yoga Nidra invites you to set an intention, a sankulpa, or wish for yourself. In a place between the waking and sleeping states, you can let go of tension on the physical, emotional and mental levels, and emerge feeling deeply rejuvenated.  

3 major benefits: 

  1. Reduces stress.
  2. Bring joy into your life.
  3. Connect with yourself.

For the deeper explanation behind these amazing benefits click here.

You cannot do it wrong, therefore no experience is necessary!

During our Yoga Nidra we will be guided through a Chakra Visualization. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of your chakra centers. You will be guided easefully and peacefully in this deep restful state.  

What are they? There are seven major chakras centers in our bodies in which energy flows through.  When our centers are balanced you may experience feelings of stability, lightness, and clarity. When the chakras are stagnant or overactive you may feel scattered, heavy, or negative. This blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it's important to keep this energy flowing freely.

Here are some of the recent testimonials from students experieincing Yoga Nidra;

The Nidra relaxation class was amazing. I have taken several relaxation classes, self hypnosis, as well as practicing mindfulness.  This was one of the best guided relaxation classes I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend anyone take the class. I  would really like to see this class offered  to the community at large especially for people who suffer from any disease that increases anxiety. I used the counting to help fall asleep that night as well as saying the mantra anytime my mind creates a thought that does not serve my higher self and purpose. ~ Ginny

Dawn. Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful yoga nidra class.  The feeling of complete relaxation (I didn't move any part of my body for almost an hour) and yet conscious of being guided by your instructions made for an extremely mindful and meaningful afternoon.  I left being at complete peace. Thank you again. ~ Angie

So very thankful Dawn is able to periodically offer a Yoga Nidra class.

Ever since experiencing my first Yoga Nidra class, several years ago, I always look forward to an opportunity to be able to take this class whenever possible. For me, Yoga Nidra allows me to experience what I consider to be "ultimate relaxation".

Set up in a comfortable posture, with supporting props if preferred, listening to a calming voice guiding you to quiet your mind, relieving stress, entering a deeply restful state in between sleep & wakefulness  -  having some sense of consciousness while falling into a blissful state of relaxed energy.

Always leaving class calmer & restored to continue into your day.........................amazing! ~ Pauline