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Love Yourself

Women's Yoga Retreat at Yogaville

Light Up Your Life!

July 26th-28th

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“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Lucille Ball

Ladies from near and far - this is going to be an EPIC weekend in Virginia! Check out to check in. Tune out to tune in. Work out to work in. Anyway you look at it, it starts with withdrawing from the external to experience what is going on internally. You are Invited!!! ALL levels of yoga experience are welcome. Registration is open and if you have questions - I am here for ya🙏😍


January 2019 starts with positive intentions. We make decisions to move into something new or forgotten that ulitmately will make you feel - BETTER.

February 2019 is the month to remember 'Why' you made that affimration. The #1 reason - LOVE! You don't make negative choices because you want to feel awful in body, mind, or spirit. This is the toughest month to continuing on this road of bettering yourself - because the 'high" fades, temptation rises, and willpower becomes questioned.